Calendar of Practices and Performances


Sept. 3      Fall Classes Begin!

                 *Good~bye to Summer Dance Day*

                 $49 Tuition Due


Sept. 10    Recital Costume Measuring

                        Learning Two Recital Dances 


Oct. 1       Learning/Practicing Two Recital Dances

                 $49 Tuition Due


Oct. 12       Halloween Princess Dance Camp Day!!

                               ~Sign Up Required~

Nov. 5      Recital Invitation Picture Day 

            Learning/Practicing Two Recital Dances

                Nov. Tuition, Dec. Tuition & Costume Fee Due


Nov. 26     Costumes Handed Out


Dec. 4       Winter Recital Dress Rehearsals (on stage)


Dec. 5       Winter Fairytale Recitals


Jan. 7       Winter/Spring Dance Classes Begin 

                              *Winter Fun Dance Day*

May  8     Spring Celebration Recitals


June 15~19  Summer Princess Dance Camp

                                 ~Sign Up Required~

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